"What's up ya sieve?" - Jack O'Callahan

Twitter: @J_carls00

Hometown: Bemidji, MN

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Michael Russo

Favorite Athlete: Erik Haula

Favorite Team: Bemidji State University Beavers

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: Stanley Cup Finals

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: Old Chicago

Best class you’ve ever taken: Public Speaking Class.  I did a speech on potatoes and got an A-.  Best college moment.

What We’ve Learned in a Month of College Hockey

After a month of hockey played we know 3 things. We have seen a month of college hockey played  so far in the 2017-2018 season.There hasn’t been a lot to base opinions on yet, but we have been able to see and learn three important things for this season of hockey. 1)  The NCHC is […]

College Hockey Rivalries

Big college hockey rivalries aren’t just the NHL’s typical “Wednesday Night Rivalry Night.” It’s a passionate affair that starts months before they even play a game. College hockey rivals are dedicated to the fact that they hate each other above all else. A game played with true rivalries is full of grit, passion, and talent. […]

Best Team in College Hockey

St. Cloud State University was voted the undisputed number 1 in the nation this week in the latest USCHO poll. With a very impressive 7-0-0 record, they are proving to be the best team in college hockey. The Huskies are having a strong start to the season and are determined to continue to prove that […]

Worst Teams in College Hockey

This blog is for you boys, the guys who aren’t ever talked about. When I say “the worst teams” I’m going to talk about the teams at the verrrry bottom of the stats. The teams that make people ask, “they have a team?” To understand how I picked these teams out, I looked at the […]

Mankato Rising in College Hockey

The most southern team in the State of Hockey, the Mankato Mavericks, have made a strong showing in the first part of the season. Coming out with an 8-3-0 record in the 2017-18 season. The WCHA team lost out to Michigan Tech last year in the playoffs, just barely missing the NCAA playoffs. They are […]

Unexpected Things in College Hockey

College hockey arrived over a month ago and we have seen some truly incredible things come out of that month. We have also seen a lot of unexpected things. So, here is my top “Unexpected in College Hockey. Clarkson is ranked 5th in the country in the latest USCHO poll. I’m not sure anyone expected […]

Moving Up in B1G College Hockey

The newly strong Big Ten Conference (B1G) is moving up in college hockey. The conference has had quite an impressive start to the season. They have 4 teams ranked in the latest USCHO top 20 poll. With the newbies to the conference, Notre Dame is leading them at a number 4 spot. The Fighting Irish […]

College Hockey Playoffs are Better than Football

Okay, so “selection day” for College Football came, and for some strange reason, everyone football fan in the nation is upset. As a hockey fan, I’m mostly confused, and frankly concerned. I’m going to explain why college hockey playoffs are significantly better than college football. First, why are the teams in the playoffs getting picked […]

St. Lawrence Scandal

A big story for college hockey came out today. It wasn’t that they might pull more college hockey players for the Olympics, with the KHL considering not allowing its players to attend. It also wasn’t the preliminary list of the World Juniors Team, which is chock full of top, talented, young college hockey players. It’s […]

Border Battle of College Hockey

St. Cloud and the University of North Dakota are going to be in the NCAA tournament. They aren’t just going to make it, they’re going to go far. I am convinced now and you should be, too. The teams faced off in two hardcore battles this weekend. The games were ferocious and full of strong offense […]

Best Goalies in College Hockey

The backbone to any college hockey team is the goalie. If your team doesn’t have a goalie that can cover the net, you won’t win games. The best teams have a goalie that’s not just average, they have a goalie that’s showing up consistently. These are the top 3 goalies in college hockey. 3. David […]

Conference Scoring College Hockey

We have reached the middle of the year for college hockey and people are starting to look towards the standings of divisions. They have separated out, giving indications to what might occur the rest of the year. One problem seems to come up: everyone scores differently. This is going to educate you on how each […]

Underdogs in College Hockey

Halfway through the college hockey season, there are clear leaders in the polls and rankings. Teams like St. Cloud, Clarkson, and Denver are putting up serious numbers and their fan bases are preparing for long runs in the playoffs this year. Still, college hockey is up for grabs this season and any team seems primed […]

Minnesota Upsets #1 Notre Dame, Inconsistencies Still a Concern

Flashback to December, Minnesota is slumping heavily in the B1G, fans are spitting out their usual talk of “#FireLucia” and voicing their complaints of the less-than-ideal in-state record the Twin Cities team had achieved. The Minnesota Golden Gophers team we saw back in December and the Golden Gophers team entering these final games of January […]

College Hockey Wrap-up

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are getting to the end of college hockey The NCAA Hockey tournament is on the horizon and with it comes the Frozen Four in St. Paul, Minnesota. College hockey has been full of surprises this year, with St. Cloud State coming out of nowhere, Boston University dropping off the map, and […]

Student U’s Guide to College Hockey: Week 1

Here it is; this is dedicated to the ones who do not know anything about college hockey, so you football fans and basketball people, this one is for you. This is for all the people who have never even stepped foot on ice, let alone an actual ice rink with lines, and nets. This is […]

Student U’s Guide to College Hockey: Week 2

This isn’t for those who are the dedicated hockey fans, you guys already understand how college hockey works, you can stop reading here. Now that the big fans have left, I’m writing to the football, basketball, baseball or whoever else is reading. You might not really care who makes the college hockey playoffs, but college […]

Good Guys and Bad Boys in College Hockey

This is a very important topic, I’m going to focus more on the bad boys since it’s more fun. The criteria for the bad boys are going to be: 1. Penalty minutes, easy one. More penalty minutes=more dirty tricks. 2. Suspensions, if the guys are doing enough to need to be suspended they have to […]

Everything Went Wrong for Minnesota

This isn’t basketball. It’s not Virginia losing to the Retrievers-like madness, but as a hockey fan, this is utter insanity. Looking at the facts, University of North Dakota had their 15 YEAR NCAA Tournament streak ended this year, Boston College has had their first back-to-back years of not making the tourney since 1997, and just […]